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Leasing a property is far more effective when you partner with a professional Napa property manager. We know this market because we’ve been working here for years. We know the tenants and the competing properties. We know what it takes to identify and place high-quality residents for your rental home.

Work with us. We make a difference.

You Deserve a Better Leasing Experience

  • Less Vacancy.
  • Better Tenants.
  • Higher Rents.

Are you earning enough on your rental property?

The Napa rental market can be unpredictable, and unless you’re paying attention daily (like we are), you could miss an important uptick in rental values. We won’t let you lose money – not on below-market prices and not on bad tenants.

We’ll help you earn more and stress less. Our leasing process is designed to limit your vacancy loss, seek the best tenants through strategic marketing, and increase what you earn on your rental property.

Partner with Atlas Property Management for better Napa leasing.

We’ll help you earn more and stress less.

Preparing Your Property for the Market

Our leasing team has the experience and the local market knowledge to provide a detailed and accurate market analysis for each property we lease. This helps owners like you maximize your return on investment.

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We’ll look at competing properties, we’ll take the temperature of the market, and we’ll price your home accordingly. You don’t leave any money on the table and you don’t grow frustrated by expensive vacancies.

We’ll also take a look at the home you’re ready to put on the market. If there are any minor and cost-effective updates or improvements that we think will make a difference in what you charge and who you attract, we’ll help you make those decisions. A well-maintained home will always rent quickly and to the best tenants.

Marketing Your Napa Rental Home

At Atlas Property Management, we’ve invested in some great property management technology. That means the marketing process is efficient and effective, allowing us to list your home across multiple rental sites. Your property will show up wherever tenants are looking for their next home.

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Our marketing process is comprehensive and strategic. It includes:

Professional-level photos

Concise and accurate descriptions

Essential information such as pet policies, contact info, and rental amount

Compliance with all fair housing laws

Our maintenance plans are preventative and designed to save you money while protecting the condition of your investment and remaining responsive to the needs of your tenants. We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out that include documentation of the property’s condition and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. The vendors we work with are licensed, insured, and committed to providing high quality work at preferred prices.


Screening Tenants for Better Results

Screening Napa tenants is far more complicated than it once was. There are a lot of fair housing laws to pay attention to, and we have to be careful about how we document and execute our screening process.

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We provide a set of standard qualifying criteria to every applicant and we treat each application exactly the same. Our standards never waiver; we know we’re looking for tenants who earn enough income, have a history of on-time rental payments, and can demonstrate financial and personal responsibility.

Once we’ve approved a qualified resident, we’ll collect the move-in funds, settle on a move-in date, and go over the lease agreement in detail. This is what you should expect from any Napa property manager, and at Atlas, we make sure we exceed your expectations.

How Much Can You Earn with Your Napa Rental Home?

Establishing the right rental value for your Napa rental home is critical in having a successful and profitable investment experience. At Atlas Property Management, we have a number of tools at our disposal to ensure we’re providing just the right rental value. We understand the market. We understand what the best tenants are willing to pay, and we know the importance of balancing profitability with the competitive edge required to limit vacancy costs.

Talk to us before you buy an investment and when you’re ready to list it on the rental market. We’ll let you know what you can expect to earn.

Read Our Customer Reviews

This place is the best, we work with so many property management companies and they are by far the most responsive. They make sure that we get a hold of the tenets, and they make sure to follow up with the owner for repairs. Its all up to the owners if they want to spend the money , not the property management.

Edith E.

Working with Chris Matteucci has been a great experience. He and his team have always looked out for my best interest. I would highly recommend working with this group if you are looking for a superior property manager.

Peter G.

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