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Leasing Only Service Full Service Management Multi-property Full Service Management
3 or More Properties
50% of 1 Month's Rent 8% of the gross Monthly Rent - $150 Monthly Minimum 5% of the gross Monthly Rent - $125 Monthly Minimum
Rental Analysis
Rental Analysis
Listing & Marketing
Listing & Marketing
Tenant Screening & Placement
Tenant Screening & Placement
Full Legal Compliance
Full Legal Compliance
24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line
Convenient Online Technology
Convenient Online Technology
Security Deposit Handling
Security Deposit Handling
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting
Move In/Move Out Assessment
Move In/Move Out Assessment
Professional Photography
Professional Photography $125
Maintenance Coordination
Maintenance Coordination $400, if requested
Close Out Process
Close Out Process $100
New Property w/Existing Tenant
New Property w/Existing Tenant $200
Eviction Process Coordination
Eviction Process Coordination $495
Owner Requested Inspection
Owner Requested Inspection $125
FTB Compliance
FTB Compliance $150
Renewal of Lease
Renewal of Lease $500 $325 $225
Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee 50% of 1 month's rent $995 $595


21 Day Lease Guarantee

We guarantee that we can find a quality tenant for your home in 21 days, or the first two months of management fees are FREE!

Our conditions for the 21 Day Rental Guarantee:

  • Atlas Property Management must have final say on the Rental price
  • The home must be vacant
  • Must allow approved pets (Maximum of 2)
  • The home must be otherwise ready for tenants

The last thing you want to do is have your home sit on the market for 30, 60, or even 100 days. And many owners fear this may happen when renting their home. Well, we wanted to put your minds at ease. We guarantee that we will find the right tenant for your home within 21 days, or your management fees are waived for the first 2 months. Now, we must insist that you allow us to choose the rental price, however, you can plan on having tenants in your home within 21 days or the management fees are waived! Try running that by the competition!

Lease Guarantee

This is something we have done for some time now, but in 2017 we are strengthening our promise. We certify that you will NEVER have to pay 2 leasing fees in the same 12-month period. Now, the only exception would be a federal military relocation, which are out of anyone’s control, but outside of that we guarantee your tenant will stay 12 months, or we will find a replacement for equal or better rent at no additional charge.

  • We guarantee the tenant will stay for 12 months, or we will find a replacement FOR FREE
  • We stand behind our tenants

Eviction Guarantee

We created this Eviction Guarantee because we are so confident in our tenant screening process, that under qualifying plans, we are going to guarantee that you will not have to pay out of pocket if an eviction needs to take place. Thanks to our screening process, evictions are such a rare occurrence at our company that we are going to cover the cost if it happens!

  • If our screened tenant must be evicted during the first 12 months, we will cover the cost
  • Covered under the Full-Service Property Management plan.
  • Up to $1000

Pet Guarantee

For no extra charge to owners, we guarantee your home will not be damaged by any approved animal. When we allow a pet into a home, we have vetted that animal almost as much as the tenant. At Atlas Property Management, we like to deal with hot button issues before they become problems. So, we screen each pet, charge a reasonable fee, and guarantee that you (the home-owner) will not pay out of pocket for pet damage.

  • We pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit—up to $1,000—caused by an approved animal.
  • We screen each animal as if it was tenant.

Month-to-month Guarantee

Landlords have the right to terminate our agreement at any time with a 30 day notice and no cancelation fees.

90-day Satisfaction Guarantee

If a landlord is unhappy with our service in the first 90 days of signing our agreement and terminates service, they will be refunded all management fees collected up to that point. These fees will be delivered to the landlord at the same time as the reserve funds collected for the property which is typically within 30-45 days of termination to account for any all accounting bills still due to be processed on the landlord’s account.

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