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Property Management Services

At Atlas Property Management, you can count on our team members to treat your home as our own. We know what it’s like to own property. We know what it’s like to rent. We understand the unique landscape of the local rental market, and we offer the best property management solutions you can find in Napa and the surrounding areas.

Access our wide range of property management services. We’ll customize our plans to fit your needs as a landlord or homeowner. We tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.

More Rental Income and Less Stress with Atlas Property Management

Are you earning enough on your rental property?

The market shifts almost daily, and a good property management company will keep up. One of our most important goals is to ensure you’re earning as much as you can on your rental property. This means maximizing your rental value through cost-effective improvements, effective tenant retention plans, and marketing strategies designed to limit vacancy costs and avoid bad tenants.

We’ll help you earn more and stress less.

Leasing Services

Good leasing starts with a solid marketing plan. It’s the key to successful rental experiences. Our team provides an expert market analysis for each property we manage to maximize your return on investment. We’ll look at competing properties, we’ll take the temperature of the market, and we’ll price your home accordingly.

After marketing your home, we’ll schedule showings, answer questions from prospective tenants, and do a little pre-screening. Then, we’ll work with qualified applicants on getting approved to rent your home. Our standards are high. We’re looking for tenants we can trust to pay rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of the lease. We handle everything from start to finish when it comes to leasing your home.

Managing and Maintaining Your Properties

Rent collection. Routine maintenance. Emergencies. Tenant communication. We handle all of it.

We make sure you get paid on time, every month. You no longer have to worry about when or if rent will be paid. Our system allows us to directly deposit it into your bank account. You’ll see all of the income and expenses associated with your rental property in your online statement, which you can access through your owner’s portal. With our detailed financial reporting tools, it’s never been easier to keep tabs on your investment.

Our maintenance plans are preventative and designed to save you money while protecting the condition of your investment property and remaining responsive to the needs of your tenants. We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out that include documentation of the property’s condition and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. The vendors we work with are licensed, insured, and committed to providing high quality work at preferred prices.

Legal Solutions to Protect Your Investment Properties

Evictions have become more difficult to manage, and we’re here to protect you against the need to remove a tenant who isn’t paying rent or following the lease terms. Keeping your property compliant with all the rental laws in the state, as well as the federal fair housing laws, is a priority for us. We know how easy it is to make an expensive legal mistake, especially if you’re managing on your own, and we won’t let you make an unintentional error.

We know the laws. We stay up to date on all the changes. We’re prepared, and we’re flexible at Atlas Property Management.

Find Out What Your Rental Home is Worth

Establishing the right rental value for your rental home is critical in having a successful and profitable investment experience. At Atlas Property Management, we have a number of tools at our disposal to ensure we’re providing just the right rental value. We understand the market. We understand what the best tenants are willing to pay, and we know the importance of balancing profitability with the competitive edge required to limit vacancy costs.

Talk to us before you buy an investment and when you’re ready to list it on the rental market. We’ll let you know what you can expect to earn.

Why Work with Atlas Property Management?

We can provide you with a long list of reasons to work with us when you’re looking for high quality leasing, management, and maintenance in Napa, CA.

Here’s our Top 10 List of why you want to partner with our team for property management:

  • No-hassle management
  • Automated owner statements
  • Online owner portal access
  • Industry-leading marketing tools
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling
  • Prompt responses to tenant requests
  • Low vacancy rate
  • Low time on market
  • Industry-specific local knowledge
  • Eviction protection

Work with Atlas Property Management

Talk to us today. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about who you are, what your investment goals look like, and how we can help you achieve better results with your investment property.

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As a property owner it has always been my priority to make sure that my tenants are well taken care of and to have good communication with my property management company. If any issues arise a call to Carlos Vargas at Atlas always solves the problem quickly. Carlos is always available to listen to my questions and then either explains what I need to know or gets back to me promptly. He has such an easy and kind way about him that makes you instantly feel that you are in good hands. Carlos is real asset to Atlas Property management!

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