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You can count on us to provide you with less hassle and more happiness. We ensure that your community is safe and cared for. And, we do so without going over budget. Get the relief you need from the headaches of HOA management. Get Atlas to carry the weight for you today.

Atlas Provides More Happiness and Less Hassle for HOA Members

Being a member of a community association can feel like the world is on your shoulders. You need to make sure that everyone is following the rules they agreed to. You need to chase up delinquent payments. You need to make sure that you’re spending less than you earn and that you’re spending it on things that will improve your community.

Get someone to carry that weight for you. Atlas Property Management provides a fuil suite of HOA services. We’ll take care of the small details and make everything run smoothly. All you have to do is make the big decisions and enjoy living in your Northern California community.

Protecting Your Community

You need the experts at Atlas to protect you from legal and security risks. We can take measures to ensure everyone is safe and living peacefully.

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Most association members aren’t legal, financial, or security experts. Getting a company to provide you with legal support is important if you want to prevent lawsuits. Getting someone to respond 24/7 to emergencies is essential to keeping the neighborhood safe.

Handling Your finances

The Atlas team understands the importance of financial management. We can account for every dollar earned and all the cents spent in your community.

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We can collect accounts from your members, keep detailed records about your finances, and monitor your investments. We ensure that improvements are made to your community without going over budget.

Coordinating with Your Members

Everyone who signs up for a home in your Northern California community agrees to a set of rules. Your Atlas community manager can help enforce them.

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We take the burden of collecting overdue payments and assessments from your neighbors. As an unbiased third party that doesn’t live next door, we can treat everyone fairly while following due process.

What Does a Full-Service HOA Management in Northern California Look like?

The Atlas Property Management team will handle all the complex and time-consuming tasks that you would otherwise do. You get less hassle and more happiness.

We’ll do the following for you:

  • Emergency Response. We’re here 24 a day and 365 days a year to answer calls for help and ensure your residents are safe and secure.
  • Support for Rules and Regulations. We can handle the enforcement of all association rules and state, local, and federal laws.
  • Architectural Review. We inspect and approve any architectural improvements or modifications efficiently, electronically, and in accordance with association standards.
  • Property Inspections. Monthly inspections by your community manager, including on-site vendor follow-up. You’ll receive property inspection reports with digital photos and videos. 
  • Vendor Management. We partner with the best vendors and contractors, and your community manager will handle relationships, work orders, and communication. We keep an eye on pricing, performance, and workmanship. 
  • Board Meeting Help. No more meetings that drag on. We support your agenda and protect your time.
  • Member Communication. A happy community depends on proactive and transparent communication. We make that happen with our innovative online portal, or availability 24/7, and our commitment to building and maintaining relationships.
  • Election Support. Your annual elections are efficient; we’ll prepare and distribute annual election packages and manage any meetings.
  • Assessment Preparation and Dissemination. We prepare monthly homeowner assessment invoices and provide online reports and payment options.
  • Monthly Financial Statements. Customized statements that may include balance sheets, reconciled bank statements, current month actual vs. budget and year-to-date actual vs. budget comparison information. 
  • Record Keeping Services. Financial records that are clear, accurate, and detailed so auditors have the information they need to conduct annual audits and prepare tax returns. 
  • Fund Management. Monitoring reserve funds with investment solutions concerning FDIC insurance and market rates of interest. 
  • Collection Services. Sending out reminder letters to all delinquent accounts and, if dues remain unpaid, a collection process in accordance with Board-approved policies. 
  • Electronic accounting We provide direct deposits and receipts in separate association accounts. 
  • Vendor Billing. We’ll review and verify all vendor invoices, and work with the Board Treasurer to verify services and code them for payment. 
  • Budget Preparation. Review of yearly cash flow reports to make recommendations on funding for operating budgets and capital reserves. We also assist with the preparation of the annual operating budget. 
  • Audit Coordination. Gathering proposals from various audit firms and, once chosen, provide all necessary documentation.
  • Legal Support and Guidance. Board members must understand all the legal options available when collecting unpaid assessments. The benefits and detriments of a Judicial Foreclosure, Non-Judicial Foreclosure and Small Claims Court Action are effectively communicated to the board. Different circumstances can necessitate alternate collection strategies.

We work with legal representatives, collections professionals, and our community managers to work with homeowners on collections, payment plan agreements, and if necessary, filing the appropriate liens or small claims actions on delinquent accounts. Our team approach maximizes collections and minimizes your legal expenditures.

If this is your dream scenario, we can make it come true. Call us today so we can get started.

Why Work with Atlas Property Management?

We can provide you with a long list of reasons to work with us when you’re looking for high quality leasing, management, and maintenance. Here’s our Top 10 List of why you want to partner with our team for property management:

NNo-hassle management
N Automated owner statements
N Online owner portal access
N Industry-leading marketing tools
N 24/7 maintenance request handling
N Prompt responses to tenant requests
N Low vacancy rate
N Low time on market
N Industry-specific local knowledge
N Eviction protection

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This place is the best, we work with so many property management companies and they are by far the most responsive. They make sure that we get a hold of the tenets, and they make sure to follow up with the owner for repairs. Its all up to the owners if they want to spend the money , not the property management.

Edith E.

Working with Chris Matteucci has been a great experience. He and his team have always looked out for my best interest. I would highly recommend working with this group if you are looking for a superior property manager.

Peter G.

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